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chris's experience in recording began a long time ago. before anyone besides college professors had email, chris's parents gave him a jvc component two deck cassette recorder. the recorder would allow you to dub from one tape to another while simultaneously recording a new input from a microphone jack. these early recordings sounded terrible, both musically and technically, but got chris started down the road of recording his own and, later, other peoples' music. the tape deck is still in his bedroom, mostly unused.

after a few years honing his skills on a portable four track recording, in 1998 chris bought a tascam 8 track 1/2" open reel tape deck, a mackie mixer and a few microphones--spacelab was born. since then chris has been honing his skills and slowly acquiring equipment so that now chris has the skills, experience and gear for almost any recording job.

although chris mostly works alone in his own studio, he enjoys meeting and collaborating with other engineers and producers and can work in any studio you'd like to use. chris is very open to the idea of travel, so if you'd rather record in your hometown studio, that can certainly be arranged. if it involves recording music he's interested.

in addition to being very handsome, not to mention humble, chris is also pretty smart. he has a degree in physics and is an accomplished computer progammer. his passion for music along with his technical expertise and problem solving skills make him an ideal recording engineer. he also plays in bands, composes film scores, and records his own music, so he is served by a good understanding of music and what it's like to be a musician, not just an engineer.

not unlike the roman emperor caligula, chris sometimes refers to himself in the third person on his own web site, and uses "we" as though there were anyone besides himself working at spacelab.