spacelab recording studio

durham, nc usa

Spacelab Recording Studio

I'm Chris Rossi and Spacelab is my studio which I operate out of my home, or whatever location is convenient. As a freelance engineer I can also work in any studio you'd like, and here in central North Carolina, there are many fine recording studios to choose from. I've been doing this for 20 years, have a nice cachet of high quality gear, and the experience and expertise to use it to its full potential.

I primarily work with people that I already know and have a relationship with. If I'm at one of your shows, it's likely I'd be interested in recording you. I am also open to new work with new people for the right kinds of projects. My focus is on capturing ensemble performances in a relatively live and unaffected manner. I have next to no interest in cutting up your drum beats to reassemble on a grid to make them "perfect", or pitch adjusting your vocals. There are plenty of other folks who can do that. If you can play, I can capture what you do with integrity.

I'm open to any genre of music, although my work has been primarily in the independent rock vein. I'm not interested in "karaoke" work--if you just need to record vocals to some backing tracks, there are cheaper, less grumpy places you can take that kind of work to. Aside from recording, I am happy to mix or master your already recorded project, or contribute guitar or bass parts if you need such a thing. This can even be done remotely, via the magic of the internet.

This is not my full time job. Please do not ask for an internship. If we don't know each other, I am not available on short notice. I typically book sessions about a month in advance. These days I am generally busy with my other business, Dusky Electronics, my family, and my own bands.

Most of the time, if you are interested in working with me it is because you already know me and/or my work. To start a conversation, email me at

Thanks for reading!